About Leonie Wolff:

She has developed and facilitated workshops, professional seminars and retreats for over 30 years and facilitates from her Heart with a warm presence, insight developed through experience and a clear passion for being alive.

A Registered Nurse since 1986, She continues to offer her knowledge and support for women, new families and her peers as an RN Lead at a hospital based birth center.

She began her role as a health educator in the early 80’s offering childbirth classes, this reflected her love of assisting women and their families through the powerful experience of birth.

To explore the healing potential of touch, Leonie became a Washington State licensed massage practitioner in 1987.

In the 90’s Leonie was seeking a deeper expression of the art & science of nursing. This led her to a 3 year, comprehensive program in Holistic Nursing offered by Seeds & Bridges. She is a graduate of this program, and has continued her study and exploration of integrative/holistic health ever since.

In the mid 90’s she began extensive study of Ayurveda, Meditation & Yoga with Deepak Chopra MD, David Simon MD and others through The Chopra Center In 1997 she completed certifications in  ‘Primordial Sound Meditation’ and ‘Perfect Health, The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program’ and offered these programs both in retreat and class formats for many years. In 2011 she graduated from the Chopra Center’s 200 hour 'Yoga Alliance' certified teacher training program: ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga’.

For 15 years Leonie created and offered retreats for healthcare professionals in a variety of locations and forms. 'Embracing The Wisdom of Nursing' was attended by thousands of health professionals who experienced this unique approach of shifting their relationship with this sometimes difficult work. She also trained and mentored facilitators for this program.

She created and for 8 years offered: 'Passionate Sadness, Living through and thriving beyond the death of your life partner’. Sitting in circle with others on this profoundly life-altering path, inspired and informed Leonie as she began to explore and develop a unique approach to grief.

In 2014 she became a certified 'Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher' with author and internationally recognized meditation teacher, davidji.      

In September 2015 Leonie graduated from the 120 hour, national board certified program: The Integrative Nurse, Life Coaching ProgramWhich blends integrative health, holistic nursing and life coaching.

In July 2023 Leonie began a comprehensive 160 hour study program with InnerTrek to become an Oregon State licensed 'psilocybin facilitator'. She will graduate in December and become licensed early 2024.  

As an expression of creativity and community, at Burning Man, Leonie is a past member of the Advisory Council for 'The Temple Guardians'. Currently she is a Black Rock Ranger and is a mentor for new Rangers.

Leonie is past faculty member at Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Washington State and Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon. She is a current faculty member with The Pink Lemonade Project in Portland, Oregon, facilitating retreats for women living with breast cancer. For almost 20 years, Leonie has facilitated retreats and support groups for people living with cancer and their loved ones in a variety of locations. 

She is a past certified educator with The Birchtree Center for Healthcare Transformations in Florence, MA. and a founding member of 'VOICE for Healing in Healthcare' based in WA State.

She is a past Administrative Director in India for PINCC (Prevention International No Cervical Cancer). PINCC provides clinics to screen and treat women for cervical cancer and offers education and training for local practitioners to create and support sustainable programs in South America, Africa & India.

Leonie is passionate about her organic gardens and creating a nurturing sanctuary for all critters (including the two legged ones) at her homes in Portland, Oregon and Kaua'i, Hawai'i. 


From Leonie:

  On this new version of my website, I let go of the 'initials' behind my name that I have spent my entire adult life gathering. It was time. We do not get degrees or certifications for life experience and as I enter my 'Wise Woman' years, I know this:

  • Holding my Beloved husband as he took last breath in our home, dying from cancer...
  • Doing CPR on my father on my parents kitchen floor, knowing in my Heart he was gone even as my highly trained mind went into action... 
  • Tending my mother as she declined to Alzheimer’s, watching her brain disintegrate while her Spirit fought back...

Taught me what searing grief feels like.


Creating and Facilitating retreats for:

  • People living with cancer...
  • Those going through profound grief...
  • Burned out health professionals...
  • Women seeking the authentic voice of their own Heart & Spirit

Taught me about facing and walking through the difficult paths.


Working in a hospital with other health professionals through the Covid-19 global pandemic:

Showed me the pain, the Heart and the resiliency of the remarkable people who choose healthcare as their profession. 


Traveling the Earth, walking diverse paths and looking into the eyes of people of many cultures: 

Taught me that the deepest yearning of our Hearts, are the same.


Walking (at times crawling) on my own Journey through The Way Within, The Three PathWays and The Seven Spirals...

Taught me how to be fully alive... NOW.


By being with people struggling and in times of joy. While yearning and while being content. By simply being human beings in all of our expressions:  All my experience has shown me the Amazing Grace that can occur with a willingness to show up, be vulnerable, to face what is difficult and to seek the voice of your own inherent Wisdom.

In all expressions of my work... I have had the honor to witness the remarkable and life affirming resilience of the human Heart & Spirit.  From this place... From my own Heart & Spirit... I am delighted to offer the programs of 'Embracing Wisdom'. 

I invite you to take a walk with me... Let’s go exploring!