Walking Through Hesitation

dancing with shadows inspiration stories on the path the way within walking Jul 17, 2023

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?

Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.

The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.



This door was from a small Cathedral Sanctuary outside of a town In Spain. I was walking the Camino de Frances. This place was about a mile off the Camino.... The Way. I was told about this place by another pilgrim and walked there with him. A storm rolled in later in the day and I ended up staying there for 2 nights. There were only about 6 pilgrims doing so, because most of the time you stay right along The Way. 

This place ended up being one of the most shimmery places I stayed... The veil was very thin. I shared powerful conversations with both those seen and unseen. I was recognized and seen. Known.

All the other pilgrims and people I met there were men. Yet Mary, my constant companion on The Way was very present. The entire story is longer and I will share it another time.

For today, the dark of the moon, this message from Rumi came my way... And it returned me to this moment and this door. I took this photo early in the morning as I left, walking alone back to The Camino to continue on. Mary was at my back, this was her Sanctuary... It was a profound moment. As I walked over that threshold, with Mary watching,  the words that flowed through my Heart: 


'I Know Who-I-Am' 



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