The Three PathWays of Grief

Today one of the PathWays may be more present with you. Your struggle is your entry point, yet none of the three stands alone, each interacts with and informs the others. Below is a brief description of each and you will deepen your understanding in The Way Within.

The Seven Spirals

Are expressions or experiences of grief, loss and walking through the difficult places. The Spirals grew out of the stories of thousands of people and Leonie distilled them into sevenInherent in each is a validation of experience and also the potential to be remarkable tools for moving through. You will learn about the Spirals in The Way Within.

You will be invited to make the PathWays and Spirals your own. While at the core our stories can feel similar we all walked our own paths to arrive at the circle in which we will gather. Understanding your own unique experience-of and relationship-to The Three PathWays and The Seven Spirals is at the Heart of The Way Within. 


Passionate Sadness: 

The death of someone or the loss of something deeply precious to you.

It is something that happens to you. It can be sudden and can change your life in devastating ways. Or it can be the long, slow loss or change that chips away at your sense of resiliency.

Passionate Sadness can leave you feeling like a stranger in a strange land, facing the chaos of a path with a destination that is unknown. 

In the Way Within for Nurses, we also explore this path as: 'Compassionate Sadness'.


Dancing With Shadows:

Shadows are the wounds of a lifetime. Something that was done to you.

We all have them, some small, some quite large. With time wounds can seem 'healed' yet the shadows of their presence remain.

This is a grief that other loss or difficulty tends to touch. Fresh grief stirs up the old wounds. Understanding our own unique shadow dance can help transform unconscious reaction into conscious response. 

The Haunted House:

The haunted house contains all of the dreams, visions and hope for your life, that did not happen. The paths not finished or never walked.

Sometimes this grief is quieter and less obvious. Yet it can remain as a place where our hesitation, inertia and fear live. A place we stumble.

Facing what resides there with recognition and understanding can transform the haunted house into a place of release, integration and inspiration.