The Way Within: Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime



'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you' 

~Maya Angelou


Over the lifetime of a woman her seasons and cycles will ebb and flow through: Joy, confidence, agility, belonging, partnership, creating, family, resiliency, accomplishment, strength... Loss, grief, alone, invisibility, sadness, profound change, illness...

Our bodies change... How we live our lives change. Our work/career/finances… Family/friends/partners… With whom or if anyone we share our home and our days with… All of this can and will shift. Our sense of who we are in relation to the world changes and society often echos or influences our sense of self.

What remains constant is the Heart & Spirit of your Being. A voice of wisdom that through experience is uniquely your own. There is a witness within you who has seen and felt it all. She has always been with you.

Today… I lay down and bury my nose in newly cut grass and can again be the little girl who felt delight in that simple pleasure. Today... I slowly wake to empty space next to me and know when I found my Beloved there, warm and breathing. Even though he took his last breath long ago, the lover within me remains. Today... I dive into the ocean, swimming through the surf and feel the younger me who could do so with strength and would go out into deep open blue... While now I stay closer and tire quicker.

The seasons and cycles of our lifetime remain within our Heart & Spirit. The insight and gifts gathered along The Way remain to inform and guide. Yet sometimes we lose sight of our own inherent wisdom. We struggle. Often hiding under the varied aspects of depression, anxiety or anger... Is grief, loss or the effects of unwanted change. This grief may be unrecognized or simply not integrated.  

The Way Within: Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime... Will take you on an inner Journey through your own Heart & Spirit. The only way, is through... So this Journey will include a walk on The Three PathWays and The Seven Spirals of Grief. Integration is the intent, you will learn how the places you struggle become a powerful guide and personal ally into living vibrantly... Now. 

And while some of this Journey is solitary... We will gather together... Women in Circle... Being present with each other offering the opportunity to speak from the Heart, be generously heard and experience the wisdom that will rise from the circle. And from this circle community will be created.

Let's walk together for awhile...


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