The Way Within: Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime


 $245 Includes all 3 parts. 


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The Way Within: Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime is structured as a retreat. The flow of retreat includes: 

With Yourself: This is time to be with and explore your inner landscape. To be quiet, still and listen even deeper for your own voice. The online component of The Way Within will be your touchstone... You are the guide.

Exploring: A presentation of concepts and the invitation for robust discussion. I offer a framework… A language. Then together we can delve into, expand on and share perspective. Each participant has wisdom and insight to enrich all of our understanding.

Circle: Sitting in circle is when we have the opportunity to speak from the Heart. There is only an invitation to speak never a requirement. Then we offer each other the remarkable gift of Generous Listening... You will be heard by caring others. 

Together: There are people in the circle of The Way Within who you should meet. You will feel a pull for a conversation… To ask a question… To connect. This is how the ripples of our time together will grow around you


Part 1: Your Way Within

A self-paced online program that will be sent two weeks before the webinar.


Before The First Step:

  • The Flow of The Way Within
  • Being With Gratitude
  • The Beginners Mind
  • Field Notes

Your Way Within:

  • Unearthing and Finding Roots
  • Distillation as a Tool of Insight
  • Your Story

Walking The Pathways:

  • The Three Pathways of Grief & Loss
  • Where Grief Hides
  • Paths Crossing

Preparing For The Webinar:

  • Retreat at Home


Part 2: Walking With Women

A webinar with only 9 participants 

Monday October 9 ~ Tuesday October 10, 2023


Monday 6:30-8:30pm. Walking Together:

  • A Circle of Women

Tuesday 9:00am-noon. Draw Your Map:

  • The Seven Spirals of Grief & Loss
  • The Software of Heart & Spirit
  • Yuck into Yum: Shifting Reaction into Response

Tuesday Noon-3pm. Your Way Within:

  • Time on your own to reflect, journal & integrate

Tuesday 3-5pm. Pack Your Bag:

  • The Art of Presence
  • The Way Within, a Tool of Resiliency
  • The Ripples of 1000 Circles

Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm. Tales from The Path:

  • What Have You Discovered on The Way?
  • Circle: The Heart of a Woman


Part 3: The Way Within Continues...


Online after the webinar:

  • Additional resources to support your Journey.
  • Access to a private online community for discussions, support and networking with other participants of The Way Within.

Tuesday October 24, 2023 6:30pm -8:30pm. 

Return to The Circle: An online gathering of webinar participants.


The Way Within: Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime.

Email here with questions and to reserve your place