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We at Embracing Wisdom are excited and grateful to announce the return of in-person retreats in 2024!!!

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By simply being alive and taking the exquisite risk of loving you have: 

  • Lost who or what is achingly beloved and precious to you.
  • Suffered the often enduring pain of being wounded.
  • Yearned for a life not realized and the paths not finished.
  • Faced the life-altering consequences of difficult and unwanted change.
  • Found yourself in a career or life that is not nourishing your Heart & Spirit.

While you have developed skills to survive and even thrive… You also know the places in your mind, heart, body & spirit where discomfort remains. Under feelings of unease, reaction and inertia, often unrecognized grief is hiding.  

The Way Within is a dynamic and unique program to recognize and move through grief, loss and the difficult places. This deeper and broader understanding of your personal relationship with grief will become an inspiring and sustainable companion for living a more vibrant life.

Walking The Way Within: You will Remember, Embrace & Enliven the Sacred Rhythm of Your Own Magnificent HeartBeat... 

The Way Within is a container for the programs of Embracing Wisdom. You will join others on a similar path with a version crafted for that unique focus. This dynamic program can be adapted for your group and be offered online or at your location. Contact Leonie to begin the conversation.

The Three PathWays & The Seven Spirals of Grief: Are central threads through The Way Within.  

Click Here to read about: The Three PathWays and The Seven Spirals

The Way Within:

Women and The Seasons & Cycles of a Lifetime

Next Webinar dates: 

October 9 ~ 10, 2023

Click Here For Program Description

The Way Within:

A Journey Through The Heart & Spirit of Being a Nurse

Next Webinar Dates: 

October 2 ~ 3, 2023

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Both of these programs will be offered as

in-person retreats in 2024!!

 "I can be changed by what happens to me... I refuse to be reduced by it!"  Maya Angelou

From Leonie: I was the first participant of The Way Within.

It was created out of my personal experience of grief and loss, and from weaving into it the work and study of my lifetime.

I am blessed to have beloved and supportive family and friends... Remarkable teachers, collaborators and mentors... And if you are one of the thousands I have sat in circle with as a facilitator or been at your side as you faced the challenging paths... You have touched, informed and inspired me.

For all of this and for all of you... I bow in Gratitude.  

I invite you to go on a walk with me...


About Leonie Wolff

'Where you stumble, there lies your treasure... The very cave you are afraid to enter, turns out to be the source of what you are looking for... The damned thing that was so dreaded... Has become the center.' ~ Joseph Campbell

From: 'Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion' edited by Diane K. Osbon. 


Leonie is available to facilitate  

The Way Within

For your group. It can be crafted to the unique focus of grief & loss you are facing.

Send an email via 'contact' to begin the conversation.


Listen to a conversation with davidji and Leonie about grief, loss and The Three PathWays. From davidji's Hay House Radio show.

About davidji
davidji and Leonie
The Three PathWays of Grief
To Read About The Three PathWays and The Seven Spirals of Grief: Click Here

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